Welcome to the Transitional Studies Wiki

Greetings Transitional Studies Faculty, As you all know, precollege education is all the buzz at the local, state, and federal levels. Much attention is being paid to how we deliver instruction in precollege programs as well as to our outcomes. The latest research has revealed that the majority of precollege programs across the nation have not been effective and that we need to rethink the way we do business. Here at TCC, I believe we are ahead of the game. For a number of years now, the college has been focusing on improving precollege pathways for our students and because of the hard work you all have been doing, we are making progress. Our outcomes are improving and we are starting to see progress in closing the achievement gap.

As a way to engagne you all in this work, I created this page. I hope through this wiki we can have an ongoing dialog about some of the critical issues facing our programs. My hope is that this Wiki will encourage an open dialog about future directions, ideas for program design, and also serve as a place to post resources and current research related to best practices in serving pre college level students.

As we continue our journey, David and I will be faced with the task of making some very difficult decisions about the future direction of our Division. We need and want your input as to what this is going to look like. Please use this site as a way to explore and share ideas.

The next few years are going to be challenging and exciting. I believe that keeping an open and honest dialog is the best way to approach the difficult work we all have ahead of us.

Thank you for your committment to TCC, our students, and our programs.