Program Resources

National Center for Developmental Education
Repository for, among other things, a wide variety of resources and reports addressing key issues related to developmental education

Developmental Education Toolkit
Community College Central (Bridges to Opportunity Initiative)
Comprehensive template for helping institutions and educational systems analyze key variables/elements related to improving college readiness and developmental education programs

Basic Skills Handbook
Basic Skills Initiative
Comprehensive handbook addressing the design and implementation of effective basic skills (aka precollege) programs in California community colleges

Windows on Learning: Resources for Basic Skills Education
Sampling of multi-media case presentations of faculty-driven projects related to innovations in basic skills education in California

The Research & Planning Group, CA Community College System

Wide variety of resources and “good practice” ideas for community colleges, including (but not specific to) precollege programs and interventions

Bridges to Careers for Low Skilled Adults: A Program Guide
Women Employed with Chicago Jobs Council and UIC Great Cities Institute

Academy for Excellence, Cabrillo College, CA
Academy for College Excellence (ACE) is a full-time, first-semester community college program with proven results. ACE targets the needs of underprepared students, while equipping them to succeed in the technology-driven, 21st-century economy. Some great ideas here for transfoming curricula and approaches to dev ed.
A collection of readings related to technology and adult basic education, gathered by Melissa Adams